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Diversity teamwork with joined hands

Why join Mission 8?

What are the benefits of being a Missioneer?

  • Independent consulting opportunities.  There will be ample opportunities to leverage your professional skills by serving as an independent contractor and charging advisory services to Mission 8 portfolio companies and other mission-driven ventures.
  • Volunteer Opportunities. Put your expertise into action and help qualified non-profits with the talents that are unique to you.
  • Networking.  Through occasional events, Missioneers will have the opportunity to connect with our exclusive network of executives who are passionate about high impact endeavors and digital companies championing social progress. 
  • Leadership opportunities at portfolio companies.  Mission 8 will be creating companies from the ground up and looking to install trusted leadership into existing businesses where Mission 8 can get involved, meaning we will need a deep bench of executives that we can put in CXO roles, Board seats, and other leadership positions.  
  • Deals.  Missioneers will get exclusive access to investment opportunities in exciting, mission-driven companies that are driving positive social change.  

What is a Missioneer and what are the expectations of Missioneers?

A Missioneer is an experienced entrepreneur, operator, or investor who is a natural “giver” and is passionate about advancing social progress through digital innovation.  While Missioneers come from a variety of backgrounds in for-profit and non-profit ventures, this network of talented executives believe that societal challenges can be addressed by the commercialization of high-impact solutions.  The level of involvement and engagement will vary depending upon Missioneers’ schedules and bandwidth, but we ask that each Missioneer follow through on simple requests to help out our portfolio companies that are at the intersection of capitalism and social progress.  Regardless of whether Missioneers are engaged on paid engagements or unpaid advisory help, we trust that they act with integrity, competence, diligence, and respect and value our broader mission to advance social progress through echnology.  

Is there a conflict of interest if I join Mission 8?

  • For Missioneers who are not involved with a paid Mission 8 consulting engagement, there is no contract with Mission 8.  Your first obligation is to your employer.
  • For Missioneers who want to get involved with a paid Mission 8 consulting engagement, the onus lies on the Missioneer to determine whether any possible conflict with a current employer or contractual obligation prohibits the Missioneer from engaging in a paid Mission 8 consulting arrangement.   

How do Missioneers participate in the Mission 8 ecosystem?

  • Participate in paid consulting engagements (though most companies that we will advise will not be wholly-owned Mission 8 companies)
  • Attend Mission 8 events
  • Contribute to the evaluation of a company or refer companies to Mission 8, as either possible investments or advisory clients
  • Provide strategic and operational advice to Mission 8 companies

What are the economics of being a Missioneer?

  • There is currently no cost to join the Mission 8 network as a Missioneer
  • Volunteer engagements allow for time to be donated to select non-profit organizations
  • For paid engagements:
    • Finder’s Fee.  Mission 8 will pay a finder’s fee for any new project work solely sourced by you which results in an executed Proposal, Statement of work, or Work order.  The amount of any such Contractor Finder’s Fee with respect to any Mission 8 Billable Work shall be 5% of all professional fees, excluding client travel expenses or client passthrough expenses.
    • Advisor’s Fee.  Mission 8 will pay a consultant’s fee for providing any direct client delivery and support services in the amount of 65% of all professional fees, excluding client travel expenses or client passthrough expenses.
    • Exclusive Agreement. Select Missioneers will have the opportunity to advise and work exclusively with Mission 8 and retain 85% of their entire book of business.

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