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Our Mission Is Simple: Sustaining Your Purpose

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone has the same opportunity to pursue it.

I once had a prominent early stage investor tell me that when he makes an early stage investment he skips past the entirety of the investment deck and immediately looks to see if the founders went to a top 5 undergraduate university. If they did, he invests. If they didn’t, he passes.

Does that make any sense?

What if an organization existed that brought together all the resources that are normally reserved for the most connected, wealthy, and educated among us?

What if you could keep your full time job, but pick a select few purpose aligned projects to volunteer with or advise?

What if starting your own organization or being a part of a new one wasn’t so risky?

What if you could have the flexibility to work for yourself right now, sharing your expertise on missions that matter, but also being a part of a larger network. Allowing you to protect your time and energy to focus on the things you do best?

What if we worked together to share what we learn on each mission?

Mission 8 is bringing together an invite only network of mission driven builders, investors, and advisors committed to partnering with qualified organizations and entrepreneurs turning purpose-driven ideas into reality.

The 8 signifies a commitment to sustaining our progress through a continuous sharing of best practices, tools, and returning proceeds into future missions. Whether you need help raising a round, hiring a product team, launching a marketing campaign or anything in between we connect you directly with fully vetted experts in real time.

Through the Mission 8 fund we also invest and acquire select companies to better accelerate their mission.

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