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Traditional agencies and consulting firms add layers between you and the person responsible for executing your project.  Instead of working directly with the provider, you work with account coordinators, supervisors, directors, and the like.  With Mission 8, you have the opportunity to work directly with our experts and feel confident knowing that you have the tools and resources to quickly add additional support or change providers without missing a beat.

Additionally, Mission 8 has the flexibility to provide mission-critical services, funding in select cases, and flexible payment plans.

Direct To Experts

Traditional agencies and consulting firms add layers between you and the person responsible for executing on your job. Postions like account coordinators, supervisors, directors, etc. Reducing speed, transparency, and quality while increasing cost and waste. With Mission 8, you have the opportunity to work directly with our experts.

Quality Guaranteed

Every advisor within our network is required to maintain an NPS score above 7. After every engagement we ask our clients to rate the advisor and we use this data along with internal collaboration scoring to determine the ongoing inclusion of the provider in our network.

Scale Your Team Instantly

As your organizational needs ramp up and down, easily add on or remove service providers from your project. Manage your team seamlessly and connect with experts with not just the right skill set but an alignment of purpose with your organization.

Consistent Contracting

Every engagement uses a standardized payment, invoicing, and contract structure. That way both the provider and the client can focus on the jobs to be done and not the back and forth over contracts or payments.

No Overhead

Our entire network is based remotely, and we utilized cutting edge systems and process to eliminate costs. While things like rent and ping pong tables might make for a fun office party, we think you would prefer connecting with top talent around the world and having that savings going directly to you.

Flexible Pricing & Payments

With select organizations we offer pro-bono and alternate early stage payment options. This ranges from equity based compensation, funding contingent payments, and non-profit volunteer work.


Purpose Statement / Organization Alignment / Focus Grouping & Culture Audit

The first step we implement for organizations is clarifying the organizations purpose.


HRIS Implementation / Training Programs / Recruiting

Building, organizing and aligning your team never ends. Let us help you with the many jobs to be done getting your team working.


Fundraising / Budgeting / Team Structuring

Choosing the right course of action short and long term is key to success or failure. Find a specialist that can help you with organizational planning, budgeting, fundraising, and structuring.


Interface Design / App Development / Mobile Development

Achieve your customer or volunteer objectives by creating digital first products that make your goals more attainable.


Marketing / Advertising / Public Relations / Public Affairs

Connect with the right people with the right message at the right time with always on automated marketing and public relations strategies.


Process Mapping / Automation / Reporting

Reduce friction and do more with less by implementing smart process mapping and automation tools.

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