Venture Options

Already working towards your next mission? No problem! We can get you funded or acquired in as little as 2 weeks. Best of all partnering with Mission 8 puts your purpose first, makes available our organizational teams, and gives you access to our playbooks to streamline your operations.

Whether You Need Funding To Get Your Mission Off The Ground, Or You’re Ready For A Partner To Take Your Mission In A New Direction… We Can Get You Funded or Acquired in As Little As 2 Weeks…
  • Advised Investing. Investing with add-on services designed to help your organization in trouble areas.
  • Majority AcquisitionWe are in a position to acquire select companies with a strong purpose statement into our portfolio.
  • Cap Table Clean Up. If you would like to take some chips off the table or reward an early employee / investor / founder with a cash out and a new value added partner in Mission 8.
  • Angel Network Outreach. We can connect your organization to our network of angel investors and early stage expert advisors.

What We Look For:

Mission Driven
Founder Led
Internet Based

We require organizations that have a strong purpose statement and prefer companies with new thinking or technology to solve problems or create efficiency. We prefer the founding team to stay involved in either a leadership or board level role, continuing to paint the vision for the organization.

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