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Training and Job Placement For Hospitality Workers

Gravy had already been building the future of work in the hospitality industry before CoVid-19 turned the industry upside down. With millions of hospitality workers furloughed or laid off, Gravy worked tirelessly to provide free training and resources to those in need. The hope is that those impacted would have the resources to learn and grow in the time between work and have better opportunities when the economy opens back up.

One-Pager & Pitch Deck

We worked directly with company executives to develop a one-pager for prospective backers and identified target groups that we could proactively outreach to for funding. The one-pager and pitch deck helped organize internal & external stakeholders around the future of the organization.

Financial Model w/ Sensitivity Analysis

A thorough analysis was done to determine the funding required and the drivers and assumptions to bridge the organization through the launch and iteration of the product experience. The summary page allows for an executive to do variance tracking of the actuals vs projected in real-time to determine ongoing runway and capital allocation.

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