Your Purpose Is Our Mission.

Mission 8 is bringing together an invite only network of mission driven builders, investors, and advisors committed to partnering with qualified organizations and entrepreneurs turning purpose-driven ideas into reality.

What We Do

The 6 P’s Of Organizational Excellence:

We believe that focusing on these 6 areas gives organizations the best opportunity to thrive. We’re organizing the greatest talent across Purpose, People, Plan, Process, Promotion, and Product specialties to help your organization thrive.


Purpose Statement

Work with an expert one-on-one to develop your purpose statement. This can help you and everyone in your organization answer the WHY question. 

Organizational Alignment

Get everyone in your organization aligned around the vision and purpose statement and create an organizational chart that outlines and illustrates the connections between teams.

Internal Focus Grouping

Conduct internal audits to understand your team’s familiarity with your purpose statement, and collate important data to better determine problem areas inside large organizations.

Benefit Corp Certification

Work on both the legal Public Benefit Corporation designation as well as the process for application and ongoing support to maintain a BCorp status for your organization. 


Help designing your organizational structures, roles and responsibilities. Identifying the right skills and experience for your roles. Finding the right people and then building incentive compensation, development and retention strategies.

HRIS Implementation

We work with organizations of all sizes to implement human resources processes, systems, and solutions. With experience implementing Rippling, Gusto, Namely and other systems, we can help organizations integrate best-of-breed systems with their workflows.


Keep your team aligned and up to speed with the latest techniques and processes across your organization with training systems that can be fully managed online and integrated with your existing performance management and onboarding process.

Performance Management

Tracking performance across the company and building systems to surface critical feedback to the organization becomes vitally important as you scale. We’ve worked with systems like Lattice and 15five to help organizations stay on top of the needs of their teams.


We can match you with an expert to help your organization identify target funding options, structure the ask, work with legal to develop your term sheet and closing documents and get funds into your organization.

Financial Modeling

Understand the financial impact of your initiatives short and long term and identify the right amount of capital to raise for your organization. We can help develop complex financial models and key drivers impacting your success.

Strategy Mapping

We work with Miro software to bring your team together and organize focused sessions to answer key questions and assumptions about your organization’s future. 

Pitch and Organizational Plan

Structure your organization’s strategy into a cohesive document that clearly articulates your plans in a way that internal and external stakeholders can easily understand.

Interface Design

Turn your ideas into wireframes, then work with Mission 8 to turn that into a UI / UX design with full clickable prototypes.

Ongoing Hosting & Support

Host your application efficiently with cloud based solutions. Google Cloud / AWS / Digital Ocean all allow for application scalability and low point of entry pricing.

Web & Application Development

Build your application the right way with issue tracking and documentation on cutting edge frameworks. Rails, React, Vue and no-code, WordPress CMS solutions are available to your organization.

Mobile Development

Develop a mobile experience for your users with Android and iOS applications. Consolidate your infrastructure across web and mobile with the latest development frameworks.

Marketing Automation

Put your marketing on auto-pilot with marketing automation built on leading platforms. We work with Hubspot, Active Campaign, Pardot and many others to bring one-to-one communication to scale.

Paid Advertising

Track and optimize your paid marketing campaigns across all mediums. Build reporting tools to bring full touch revenue attribution to your spending.

Public Affairs

Build and maintain strong relationships with public sector stakeholders. Develop strategies to communicate and organize your outreach efforts with legislators and the community at large.

Public Relations

Promote and organize your communication with key stakeholders and reporters critical to your industry and organization. Develop strategies to communicate key initiatives and organizational priorities.

Process Mapping

Design your process with tools like Miro and Figma. Understand the flow of information and actions required for each function in your organization. Find places to automate and streamline process with Robotic Process Automation functions.

Project & Task Management

Organize your team with tools like Asana, Trello & Notion. Break down complex projects into individual tasks and develop Gantt charts to understand timing and dependencies.

KPI Dashboards

Understand the key drivers of your business and track fluctuations in real time. Get out ahead of any potential issues with KPI flagging and executive dashboard to understand your organization in real time.

Data Analysis

Track inputs across your organization and compile data into easily understandable reports for key stakeholders internally and externally.


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