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What’s with the name?

What does the name Mission 8 represent?

The “8” in Mission 8 represents infinity or the state of having no end or limit.  Just as the organizations we support have missions that are boundless, we do not see our work as having a finish or boundary.

We think of each company or organization you start or join as a mission. Whether or not your objective is met, success can be found in learning, growing personally and sharing those lessons with a network of others eager to continue where you left off.

Joining Mission 8 is by either invitation or referral. Once a part of the network of mission driven builders, investors, and advisors you commit to sustaining our progress through a continuous sharing of best practices, tools, and returning a portion of proceeds into future missions.

Whether you need help raising a round, hiring a product team, launching a marketing campaign or anything in between we connect you directly with fully vetted experts in real time.

Through the Mission 8 fund we also invest and acquire select companies to better accelerate their mission.

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